Old people are fragile!

Elderly people often suffer from chronic and neuropathic pain, sleep problems and many other troubles. Old age makes people more fragile and brittle and might cause mental fog and depression. Chronic pains such as caused by osteoarthritis, muscles, nerves, or organs in the belly are the most common kinds of pain. Pain can also increase aging because due to pain, sleep is disturbed and old people tend to walk less. Pain and tiredness cause elderly people to shy away and move less. Although there are guidelines how to treat chronic pain in the elderly, there are still many elderly that (unnecessarily) have to deal with chronic pain, and are not treated optimally.

PEA can reduce Pain

Different reports point out that PEA can very well reduce pain caused by a diverse set of causes and reduces inflammation. PEA is basically a natural painkiller with extra effects against chronical inflammatory – and neuropathic pain. PEA not only reduces pain, but also can stimulate the function of the nervous system, and reduces swelling in and of the nerves.

PEA and aging of old people

Pain repression for the elderly is a constant challenge to find good doctors. Despite the high prevalence, chronic pain with the elderly is often not properly treated. Amongst the innovative therapies for the treatment of chronic pain with the elderly, PEA ranks high. Due to its high efficacy and lack of adverse events, this is might be the ideal treatment for pain.

PEA can also be effective against feelings of depression and fear. This reduces very much the quality of their life. PEA is also very beneficial for this group because the elderly often use many different kinds of medication. PEA can be used without any problems in combination with medication. PEA also does not have any side effects and is 100% natural.

All preparations that carry the PEA-opt® quality mark contain PEA with the highest level of purity. This is vital because there are various PEA preparations on the market and in some products the level of purity is obscure or low.

Literature on PEA in elderly

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