PEA (palmitoylethanolamide) is available in capsules, and also as PEA cream. The cream is hypo-allergenic and contains PEA. The cream can be used for different kinds of complaints, dry skin, red skin, psoriasis eczema. Most effective is the combination PEA capsules (3 times daily) with PEA cream, especially in severe cases.

Pain and itching of skin reduced by PEA cream

The logic behind applying PEA to treat eczema and other skin disorders, for example, due to radiation for the treatment of cancer, too much sun or due to chronic inflammation, is because there is not enough of the naturally protecting agent PEA in the skin. Skin with eczema often tries to make extra protecting PEA, but the skin often is exhausted and the synthesis of PEA is too low. Dialysis patients can also have red or inflamed skin, with a lot of itching. From people that suffer from cancer that are under radiation, to children that have diaper eczema. PEA regulates in all these cases the chronic inflammation in the skin. PEA cream helps by giving relief of itching and pain. The cream is safe for children.

For pain relief and for inhibiting inflammation, most patients choose:

  • PEA capsules produced in the Netherlands by Russell
  • PEA tablets produced in Italy by Epitech

PEA cream as a natural alternative for corticosteroid formulations?

The most prescribed therapy for eczema (and pain/ itching) is based on corticosteroids. These have a lot of negative side effects.

Dialysis patients can also have red or inflamed skin, with a lot of itching. From people that suffer from cancer that are under radiation treatment, to children that have diaper eczema. For all of these patients, there is now finally a natural alternative in cream form is available as an alternative for corticosteroids cream, or perhaps a first step. PEA cream contains the natural pain and itching alleviating compound palmitoylethanolamide. There have been a number of studies in this decade that clearly show that PEA can be useful for a variety of skin problems that are associated with itching, redness, eczema, damage and pain.
It is in general recommended, especially in cases of more severe skin problems, to combine the PEA cream with at least 3 times 400 mg PEA capsules.

PEA-optĀ® stands for quality, purity and for a standardized and patented production process.

Literature on PEA in eczema

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