Swedish researchers found a cause for pain in fibromyalgia and chronic muscle pain. It is a deficiency of an endogenous analgesic substance produced in our cells, the molecule palmitoylethanolamide (PEA).
That makes it even more likely that the administration of this natural substance as a supplement in fibromyalgia patients should certainly be tried.

PEA is freely available as the PeaPure and PeaPlex supplements, and can be used without any problems, also in combination with medicines and other supplements. It has virtually no side effects and has been used by many thousands of patients in the Netherlands with good results. We always recommend to use PEA capsules with high quality, such as the capsules approved by the PEA-opt sign, such as in PeaPure and PeaPlex. PeaPlex is an even better product, as it is enriched with low dose vitamins B, and broadly supports the nervous system, as well as the muscular system.

PEA production too low in muscles with fibromyalgia: fibromyalgia as a disorder of muscle physiology

The university researchers looked at the PEA content in painful muscles in fibromyalgia patients and compared it to the PEA level in muscles in healthy people. Patients with chronic muscle pains were given a number of mild muscular efforts. The activity in the muscles increased the production of the pain-killing substance PEA, more in the patients with chronic pain than in healthy volunteers. But after the efforts, the level of the analgesic substance decreased much more in the muscles of the chronic muscle pain patients than in the muscles of the volunteers. The lower the PEA content in the muscles after the muscle effort, the more pain there was. This is in line with experiences of fibromyalgia patients: after exercising, they often have longer and more muscle pain and feel very tired. This makes the rehabilitation of patients with chronic muscle pain so difficult. Exercises with the physical therapist often have a counterproductive effect. This can now be tackled by giving these patients extra PEA.

PEA as the body’s own painkiller has been known since the last century and PEA has been extensively tested as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory in many thousands of patients. Pure PEA is available as a supplement under the brand name PeaPure and PeaPlex (enriched with low dose vitamins B, also to support the nervous system). These supplements can be used without problems, because difficult side effects are unknown.

How to use PEA in fibromyalgia

PEA is a 100% natural remedy and has not only an analgesic effect, but also an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, palmitoylethanolamide protects cells against damage and aging. So it does more than just reduce the pain.

The dose is 400 mg three times a day, or 2 capsules of 400 mg in the morning and one in the evening. The dose can be increased after a few weeks up to a maximum of 30 mg PeaPure per kg body weight.

To get the best out of PEA, it is advised to use PeaPlex for at least 2 months. This is a realistic evaluation period, after which you can determine next steps. Some of the patients can respond more slowly because the action of PEA takes place via the natural mechanisms of the body. It may be useful to continue to use PeaPlex for several months for osteoarthritis. It inhibits the chronic inflammatory response and at the same time the pain. Step-by-step. PeaPlex can be given together with any other painkiller and medicine, there are no negative interactions.
In addition, keep moving as much as possible. Even if it hurts, that way the joints stay the most flexible. Also pay attention to your weight, excess weight leads to extra load on the joints and can therefore cause even more pain.

Literature PEA in fibromyalgia

Ghafouri N, Ghafouri B, Larsson B, Stensson N, Fowler CJ, Gerdle B. Palmitoylethanolamide and stearoylethanolamide levels in the interstitium of the trapezius muscle of women with chronic widespread pain and chronic neck-shoulder pain correlate with pain intensity and sensitivity. Pain. 2013 May 14. doi: pii: S0304-3959 (13) 00225-X. 10.1016 / j.pain.2013.05.002.

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