Eczema is one of the most frequent causes of itching, redness, and irritation of the skin. However, patients with kidney failure problems also often have severe skin problems and itching. Patients that are on dialysis itching often develops because of a high level of the compound urea in the bloodstream. This is also sometimes called ‘urea itchiness’. The itching can also be caused by high level of phosphates or far too low levels.

In the case of itching, it is important to first find out if the itching is being caused due to an insufficiency of the renal system (the kidneys), or if there is another cause. In some cases, a treatment of the MD is absolutely necessary and helps and in some cases, people benefit from general tips to prevent itching. But thankfully there is now also an alternative that can be tried in the case of itch, PEA capsules, and PEA cream.

For pain relief and for inhibiting inflammation, most patients choose:

  • PEA capsules produced in the Netherlands by Russell
  • PEA tablets produced in Italy by Epitech

If there is really uremic itch (itch due to malfunctioning of the kidneys), it is also recommended to use PEA capsules.

The preparations with the PEA-opt® quality mark contain absolutely NO chemical or pharmaceutical excipients (such as magnesium stearate, povidone, sorbitol) or coloring agents (such as titanium dioxide). After all, modern and conscientious consumers do not want any mixes that contain redundant chemical substances or coloring agents, certainly if there are indications that these substances are harmful to our health.

Literature on PEA in renal disorders

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