Here are some patients experiences of fibromyalgia patients who used PEA capsules (based on the Pea-opt quality marker)

Used PEA for 2 months
”With me it helps / works, the PEA. I noticed a first improvement after a week or 2-3. It does not work right away so you have to work with it. I really have less pain now and I feel happier. I hope it stays that way, then I hope I can also slowly reduce it because it is expensive but for the moment I will still take 3 per day.”

Used PEA since 6 weeks
”I do not want to get too high expectations from fellow sufferers, because everyone is of course different. But what I did not expect at all was that I had less pain right from the start. In the beginning I threw it by chance, but I also forgot the capsules and then I immediately had more pain.
Discussion: we hear this more often, among others a patient who used PeaPlex (a preparation that has an enhanced effect), who forgot to take it on holiday, and her osteoarthritis pains flared up again within a few days, despite the sun in Spain.”

Used PEA since a year
”I use it for almost a year. Have it been written through my natural medical doctor. In addition to that, I also went to eat differently, no more dairy products etc, etc, and I have been greatly improved.”

Used PEA since 1.5 weeks
”I use it now 1,5 week and notice that it hurts the pain slightly, Hope it still has a little more result but then I have to use it a bit longer. I use 3 tablets daily. Feel better in my skin than with the amitriptyline! Only sleeping is now a problem, it has no influence on me and the amitriptyline did, unfortunately. But try melatonin now or that what does. I can sleep in but not sleep through. Nothing ventured nothing gained!”

Used PEA since 4.5 weeks
”After a week I had less pain in my joints. Also works well against nerve pains. Does not give any side effects. I use it in combination with vitamin D and Fibrofit Strong.”
Used PEA since more than 3 weeks
”I had a lot of problems with my jaw. It feels much more relaxed now. As if the cramping is off or something.”

PEA Use since 2.5 weeks
”I have not been able to swallow the PEA-opt capsules for 2 days and noticed that I had more pain. Now just take 3 capsules again one day and the same day I had less pain. Then they may be expensive, but I do everything for the pain to be more tolerable. I do not notice it yet about my CVS, but the pain really gets less. Also had no unpleasant side effects, which I am always right with everything I swallow or ointments or something. So am very positive.”

PEA Use since 2 weeks
”I really feel that something is changing. I feel happier and it was my husband who said it first. It is all still early but this feels good in any case.”

Used PEA unknown
”PEA has no side effects.
I am happy with it, it is quite expensive but worthwhile!”

For pain relief and for inhibiting inflammation, most patients choose:

  • PEA capsules produced in the Netherlands by Russell
  • PEA tablets produced in Italy by Epitech